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Old Street, Central London, UK



Tantric Massage for Men,
Women and Couples

A unique world of intimacy, beauty and bliss

Discover the true magic of tantric massage when performed according to the ancient tantric principles – powerfully awakening the very essence of who you are as a man or woman in a relaxed and controlled way… You will feel utterly refreshed, invigorated, deeply happy and capable of overcoming all life’s challenges!


Tantric massage is performed on a warm futon mattress on the floor…

Tantric massage
for women

Be caressed and lovingly massaged in the way your heart longs for…

Tantric massage
for men

A unique experience of refined eroticism, tenderness and pleasure…

Tantric massage
for couples

A sublime experience that deeply enriches your couple’s love relationship…

“That was so beautiful – I would love to be able to massage my partner like that!”

Tantric massage training

"I've never experienced such refined 'sensuality' intimacy and love! How on Earth do you manage it?"
...To truly awaken another person, you need to properly know your own inner world...

The Seven Tantric Initiations

For those of you who truly wish to understand how we do what we do, wish to improve
the quality of your life, or wish to enter the tantric path yourself- this is for you.

When you receive a massage from us, you will immediately notice there is something unique, beautiful and even mysterious about our therapists and the massage they offer. As tantric initiates ourselves, commited to the path of tantra for many years, we aim to bring about a positive and beautiful change in the lives of those we meet, helping you to know yourself better and to enjoy this wonderful gift of human life even more. The aim of these initiations is therefore to share some of the esoteric knowledge that has helped us to understand and master our own lives better.


Tantric Massage for Men

£ 150/90mins
Price 2Hands 4Hands
90 mins £150 £300
each 30 mins extra £40 £80

Tantric Massage for Women

£ 150/120mins
Price 2Hands 4Hands
120 mins £150 £300
each 30 mins extra £40 £80

Tantric Massage for Couples

£ 300/120mins
Price 2Hands 4Hands
120 mins £300 £600
each 30 mins extra £80 £160

Tantric Massage Training

£ 180/120 mins
Price 2Hands
120 mins £180
each 30 mins extra £45
if we provide model £100
each 30 mins extra £25

Tantric Initiations

Membership £100/year
Each initiation
180 mins £180


To make an inquiry please contact us by phone, text or email; or simply submit a booking request in the form here :

Opening Hours

  • Monday :          10am - 10pm
  • Tuesday :         10am - 10pm
  • Wednesday :    10am - 10pm
  • Thursday :       10am - 10pm
  • Friday :             10am - 10pm
  • Saturday :        10am - 10pm
  • Sunday : by prior booking only


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