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About Tantric Massage

These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.


Tantric massage is performed on a warm futon mattress on the floor, in a beautifully adorned temple room with soft relaxing music and natural organic oil. The massage is a full body massage and we recommend the massage to be at least 90 minutes to allow you to completely relax, and enter in to the wonderful state that is created during the massage. The masseur or masseuse is using the art of conscious touch that acts as communication without words; a sensual, loving and present touch that helps you to access multiple levels of your being and ultimately your deepest nature of happiness. It is a beautiful, relaxing and intimate time full of love, sensuality and pleasure; touching body, mind and soul.

A tantric massage is an amazing opportunity to step out of your ordinary state of consciousness and into a state of heightened awareness, pleasure, deep relaxation, profound peace and immense happiness.

Tantric massage is for everyone! Due to a lack of real intimacy, relaxation and connection these days, it is indeed a very special gift you can offer to yourself or your beloved.

This type of massage is different to a normal massage as it is done in a very sensual, conscious and loving way. A normal massage works on the physical body mostly, but a tantric massage is an experience that can have profound healing effects and can take you to a deep state of happiness and intimacy with yourself. The therapists have many years of spiritual practice and experience and are therefore fully qualified to offer this unique and very special experience.

When you arrive in the temple you will be greeted by one of our masseurs or masseuses and taken to one of the beautiful rooms within. Here you will have time to speak and ask any questions you may have before the massage begins.

We normally recommend 90 minutes for the massage as this will allow you to really relax and enter the special state created during the massage, but we do offer both shorter and longer sessions. During the massage the masseuse will be topless and the masseur will wear boxer shorts. It will always be a (female) masseuse who gives the massage to a man and can be either a (male) masseur or a (female) masseuse for a female guest depending on her preference.

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Tantric massage
for couples

A sublime experience that deeply enriches your couple’s love relationship…

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Tantric massage
for men

A unique experience of refined eroticism, tenderness and pleasure…

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Tantric massage
for women

Be caressed and lovingly massaged in the way your heart longs for…


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