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Tantric massage for women


This is a tantric body-to-body oil massage aimed initially at helping you to relax and feel secure in the heartful touch of your masseur or masseuse. This allows you to safely abandon to the point where your erotic energies can be awakened by the expert sensual touch of your masseur or masseuse, bringing you fully present with these powerful energies so that you can truly embrace them and the foundation of your femininity.

You may experience many different reactions in your body, thoughts, and emotions during the massage. This is a very normal process and you are of course free to ask questions or share what you feel along the way.

Before the massage there is plenty of time to sit and talk with the masseur or masseuse in order for you to feel safe, relaxed and familiar about the experience and with them.

When booking, you will be asked if you would prefer a (male) masseur or a (female) masseuse and you are most welcome to ask us for advice in making that choice as the two experiences are different, but both wonderful.


“There was a moment when I felt true freedom; my senses were heightened; I felt present; my mind didn’t wonder into the past or future, it was still and in the now, embracing the experience which was out of this world – words do not do it justice, it has to be experienced – and this was only in the first session!!! I’m just thinking what more sessions will bring…"

"I feel much more present in my daily life. I feel peaceful and content with myself. I feel my feminine side coming back, something I abandoned a long time ago due to having to “man” up to survive in a world where women are suppressed, but I have learnt that you needn’t give up your femininity, as Shakti is the female energy that governs nature, having the power to create and destroy at the same time, so how can she be weak?!"

"It is a beautiful temple. I absolutely love the decor and ambience. To me it feels spiritual and I feel calm and peaceful. Kalki sets my intentions by asking me how I have been since the last session and if I’ve felt any difference in my energy levels or life in general, and what it is that I want to gain out of this session. I like that I am not just another person on the massage bed but am treated as an individual. I also like that we get a chance to talk about the session and how I can keep my energy going when I’m back out there.”


Our Terms

Every client is required to shower before the massage and we provide everything you will need for this

Thank you for not asking for any sexual services during or after the massage



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