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Tantric massage for Couple

These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.

After the initial meeting and conversation with the therapists, the massages will be given in separate rooms, as it is very important not to be distracted, but to focus entirely on your own inner experience. Through experience we have seen that this is not possible when your partner is in the room. It is important here to realise that these tantric massages are very different to normal massages which could be given in the same room. We understand that you may be nervous about what might be happening in the next room, but you will both realise that being in separate rooms will give you the best experience and that we will be there with you whole-heartedly and in deep respect for your love relationship.


Our Terms

Every client is required to shower before the massage and we provide everything you will need for this

Thank you for not asking for any sexual services during the massage or after

It is a beautiful temple. I absolutely love the decor and ambience. To me it feels spiritual and I feel calm and peaceful. Kalki sets my intentions by asking me how I have been since the last session and if I’ve felt any difference in my energy levels or life in general, and what it is that I want to gain out of this session. I like that I am not just another person on the massage bed but am treated as an individual. I also like that we get a chance to talk about the session and how I can keep my energy going when I’m back out there.”



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