Tantric Massage For Men London

This is a tantric body-to-body oil massage which awakens and arouses your erotic energy and your capacity to experience more pleasure, while simultaneously helping you to stay in maximum control of your energy. 

During the massage, the masseuse uses her body to give the massage – her hands, arms, body, breasts, legs etc. This refined erotic experience will help you let go of all thoughts, tension and stress and become fully conscious of your body, sensing and fully enjoying what you are experiencing. 

The massage is normally 45 minutes on your front and 45 minutes on your back but is always done in a unique way according to your needs in that moment. We do not massage the genital area at any point during the massage

The female therapists are all very sweet and feminine, with harmonious forms and an awakened sensuality and affectionate nature. They make every effort to relax you, pleasure you and to stimulate your sensuality.

The aim of each massage is to offer you an exceptional moment of relaxation, sensuality, pleasure and true happiness and bliss.

“The most intense experience I had during a massage was when I had a whole body orgasm which was the most unbelievable experience I have ever had and I’m very jealous of ladies who are able to do that more frequently than I am! It was amazing, absolutely amazing, and stayed with me for hours afterwards. I was walking around with this tingling sensation and could feel everything, just feel the air around me and everything. So that is something that I simply wouldn’t even have thought about exploring before I came here. It just wouldn’t have crossed my mind, and it’s interesting that the more you read about that, the more sense it makes. It was pretty powerful.” 

Our Terms

Every client is required to shower before the massage and we provide everything you will need for this

Thank you for not asking for any sexual services during the massage or after

We reserve the right to refuse any client whose behaviour or appearance is not consistent with our values

The therapists should not be massaged during the massage; it is best for you to remain passive to enjoy the full benefits of the massage

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